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Accessible Links (Part 1): Put Them in Context

Many people with screenreaders will skim a blog by reading all of the links on the homepage, especially if they’re looking for one section/function in particular. Consequently, the text you put a link on is important. “Click here” doesn’t make any sense out of context, nor does “this [post]” or “here.” Instead, try to write your links so that they’re obvious even out of context.

I totally fucked this one up when responding to Kantala’s ask earlier with the phrase “clickable link” (link to what??). In the end, I changed the linked text to “thread on pausing gif animation” because that’s what it is (and if someone were to be looking through the site, they would know immediately if that was the link they wanted).

In addition to using descriptive links on your tumblr’s content, it’s also important to make your “ask” and “submit” boxes very obvious. When you link to your ask page with “when the revolution comes, what we will sing?” it’s not clear whether the link will go to your submit feature, a blog you love, or a youtube video (cuz it kinda songs like a song lyric). In an ideal world, all tumblrites would stick to “ask me anything” and “submit.”

p.s. All screenreaders let you know when something is a link. So specifying isn’t necessary.

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